Spray foam, Celluose Insulation, air sealing


Spray Foam Insulation


*Old and new basement walls   *Crawl spaces & Garages   ​*Cathedral ceilings & Attics
​*Interior & exterior walls   ​*Ceilings
Enerstar Efficiency

Icynene spray foam stops conditioned air escaping your home. Like a warm windbreaker, spray foam stops cold air from passing through your home.Inhibit mold growth and seal out dust & pollen.
Expand to seal all cracks, gaps and voids in walls and ceilings which conventional insulation methods do not.  Creates air tight bond with surfaces.  manufactured in Canada
Conform to National Building Code and exceed Canada’s quality std CAN/ULC S705.1
Conform to Canadian Government’s Zero ODS (Ozone Depleting Substances)

Other insulation


We will price any insulation projects. We are experienced in basement blankets.  We will build up your attic dam before we blow in your cellulose insulation so that your insulation does not fall into your attic hatch.  We will supply and install attic vents.  Air sealing windows, door, baseboards.
Cellulose Insulation      We use Thermocell - Greenfibre (cellulose insulation)

*Attic insulation    *Drill and fill your walls ​*Interior & exterior walls ​*Cathedral ceilings  

Existing Walls and Roof Cavities: Dense Packed Cellulose

 Dense packed cellulose is an effective method for insulating wood framed walls, flat roofs, and sloped ceilings in existing homes.  We use the state of the art “tubing” method to ensure cavities are completely filled and to the proper density. The result is: no “cold” spots, greatly reduced air leakage, and the elimination of “settling”. We include both the drilling of all holes required and the “patching” afterwards. 

Our services include:

 Attic Insulation;   “topping up” insulation to meet the current code, air sealing and ventilation packages
Removal of  of existing insulation & debris (we do not remove contaminated insulation) We install the “hybrid” combination of closed cell spray foam (for the air & vapour barrier) plus cellulose insulation or spray foaming the “roof deck” to bring attic space inside the “building envelope”.  Build up your attic dam and weatherstrip. 


Our pricing is competitive.
We clean up your home, you won’t know we were there.
We are honest, prompt with residential and commercial experience.  

Open and Closed cell Spray foam insulation Contractors  in Pembroke area; Offer blown in attic insulation.   Lower your energy costs, we're here to help you every step of the way. 

We have over 8 years experience in Spray Foam Insulation, Attic Insulation, Blow in cellulose Insulation. Our employees are licensed with Icynene & Accella Spray foam and are WSIB insured.

 We Service the Upper Ottawa Valley and beyond. Including but not limited to;  Arnprior, Bancroft, Barry's Bay, Beachburg, Calabogie, Chalk River, Cobden, Combermere, Deep River, Denbeigh Eganville, Golden Lake, Griffith, Killaloe, Lapasse, Madawaska, Maynooth, Pembroke,  Petawawa, Renfrew, Westmeath



Your local hydro company and the IESO (Independent Electricity Systems Operator) have joined together under the Home Assistance  program to help Ontario homeowners and tenants make their homes more energy efficient. The Home Assistance Program (HAP) provides income-eligible homeowners, residents and tenants with free energy upgrades in their home. HAP helps homeowners reduce their energy bills by replacing old and inefficient equipment with new equipment that uses less electricity.

The upgrades are free and GreenSaver provides the installation at no cost to you.

Free upgrades could include:

Energy-saving light bulbs
ENERGY STAR® refrigerator
ENERGY STAR®  freezers, dehumidifier, window air-conditioner
Home insulation (spray foam & cellulose) and draft proofing (air sealing windows, doors, baseboards)
Low-flow showerheads
Programmable thermostats
Faucet aerators